On the main window of Poles 'n' Wires is a function Survey to DXF. This function takes a spreadsheet with Easting/Northing/Elevation/ID data and generates a DXF file that can be opened in CAD programs.

Only the first sheet in the file is used, any other data is ignored. Only the first 4 columns of the sheet are used, data in other columns is ignored. The first row of the sheet is column headers. The 4 columns are Easting, Northing, Elevation and ID (eg a pole ID). The 4th column is optional. An example of a correctly formatted file is available at https://ipowermation.com/downloads/Survey ENE.xlsx.

The DXF file that is generated contains a 3D polyline connecting the coordinates from first to last. Any IDs from column 4 are placed adjacent to the relevant coordinates. This file can used opened by any CAD program or can be imported into the profiler in Poles 'n' Wires.