Licence files are unique for each computer and cannot be used on a computer other than the one it was created for, or for the version of Poles 'n' Wires it is intended for.

If you installed the wrong licence file you will not being able to start the software. You will probably see an error message when you try to start the program.

You need to remove the wrong licence file then request a new one. Follow these steps:

Version 7

  1. go to the data directory (shortcut under the Windows Start menu). The default location is C:\ProgramData\PowerMation\PolesnWires. This is not the program directory - make sure you look in the correct place. If you cannot find the file licence.dat you are not looking in the right place.
  2. delete licence.dat
  3. start Poles 'n' Wires
  4. fill in the centre section of the Activation window and click Send

Version 6

  1. go to the program directory (default location is c:\polesnwires)
  2. run getreg.exe and send to us the code it generates