If you have more than one installation of Poles 'n' Wires in your business you may want to consider setting up the database as a common database. This ensures all users are accessing the same data.

To set this up:

  1. Create a shared directory on a file server
  2. copy the file pnwdata.xml from the local data directory to the new shared location
  3. In Options on the General tab, for the value database filename enter the full path to the shared directory including filename eg \\server1\pnwshared\pnwdata.xml. You will need to do this for each user.

After setting Options in this way users will need to enter a password when they attempt to edit a database table in the Database interface. This feature is to protect the database from unauthorised editing. Set the password by running the tool DBpassword.exe in the program directory. The password is blank initially.