Data in the conductor library has come from Australian Standards. However HVABC cables are not described in Australian Standards so we have included many of the cables from Olex and General Cables.

The nomenclature for the Olex HVABC cables in the standard Poles 'n' Wires database is:

High voltage ABC XLPE insulated

NH: non metallic screened HDPE

11kVLight duty
 N: non metallic screened22kVHeavy duty
 M: Metallic screened  

For example HVAXN22H would be non metallic screened, 22kV heavy duty

Number of conductors
When you use ABC cables in Poles 'n' Wires remember that the data in the conductor library is for the entire bundled cable so you need to use 1 (one) for the number of cables (unless you are running a double circuit of course). If you tick the Bundled column for a cable in the Conductor database the number of conductors will default to one when that cable is used in the program.