Energex issued an updated Overhead Design Manual in December 2015. You need to set up Poles 'n' Wires to match.

Attached to this article is a option file you can load into version 7 through Options>Load, It contains settings allowing you to do the 3 tiploads Energex now requires - EDT, SST and LST.

If you want to enter poles into the poles database beware of these matters:

  • The strength ratings have already had a strength reduction factor applied to the ultimate strength capacity of the pole. [The factors are 0.4 for no wind (sustained load) and 0.72 for wind load on wood poles or 1.0 for concrete poles. Wind capacity is also reduced by the wind load on the pole, applied at half the height above ground. (Reference: section 2.3 sheet 3, 2.12 sheet 1.)]
  • When entering poles into the database put the no wind serviceability limit value into the Strength: No Wind column and Ultimate Wind strength limit into the Strength: Ultimate column. This is not the correct meaning of Ultimate strength capacity but is necessary to get a correspondence between Poles 'n' Wires version 7 and Energex's manual.
  • Enter the working stress strength capacity from the old ODM into Strength: wind 1 in the database.

The Energex pole data set is available for purchase for $250 +GST.