Version 6

Version 6 should work on all Windows versions up to Windows 7. Some users can install version 6 on Windows 8 or 10 but not all users have not been able to.

On 64 bit Windows Poles 'n' Wires version 6 cannot be installed in {Program Files} but must be installed in a directory such as c:\polesnwires or c:\programdata\polesnwires and the user needs write permission on the directory. Do not attempt to install the program in {Program Files}. It may appear to install without error but it will not run.

Version 7

Version 7 works on Windows versions from Vista SP2 and later.

Poles 'n' Wires uses the .NET framework and the required version is shown on the Downloads tab on our website

You also need to install the Microsoft Data component shown on the Downloads tab.